They Are Not Meant to Tell This Story | Taader Naaki Golpo Bola Maanaa

Deepanwita Goswami / Documentary / India / Bengali / 13:21 / 2023

9th March 2024 | 3.15 pm | CD Deshmukh Auditorium | Filmmaker in attendance

The Santal, or Santhal, are an ethnic group native to India and Bangladesh in South Asia. Handia, a locally made drink which is considered staple at all the community events and occasions, is made from fermentation of rice. Chullu which is further prepared from the rice’s distillation process occupies a sizable portion of village economy, especially the economy of poor tribal people. According to NSSO, an average person in rural India consumes 220 ml of alcohol in a week. TAADER NAAKI GOLPO BOLA MAANA is just one of the stories that are known to these tribal lands, mostly unheard of in urban circles, yet are not to be told in rural as well. It is one of the regular days in the life of one Santhal family where 3kg of rice yields upto 9 litres of handia approximately. It is mostly the womenfolk who participate in the making of this drink. The film addresses further points of conflict in the intersection of culture and economics.

Directors’ bio:

Deepanwita Goswami is a film and visual communication student studying in National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. Her work involves filtering, dissecting, defamiliarizing characters and stories so that they could be relooked and reinvented in times relevant to today.Deepanwita did her Bachelor of Design in Textiles from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar, India. Her foray into films from textiles took the route of visual communication and writing. She first started writing in the year 2012 as a blogger and soon started developing fictional short narratives that sit tight in the realm of stories yet to be told. In this age of visual overload, she wants to make and curate subjects that oscillate between narratives of told times yet unseen so far.