The Eyeball Person

Yuri Muraoka / Experimental film / Japan / English, Japanese / 11:42 / 2023

7th March 2024 | 10.00 am | CD Deshmukh Auditorium

This film is about gazes and goodbyes. An attempt to weave images with words and to weave a poem with images. I realize that living is suffering to see that Nemu, the one of my daughters, squirms with the struggle and sunflowers squirm to try to bloom.

Directors’ bio:

Yuri Muraoka was born in Tokyo. She dropped out of the high school attached to Japan Women’s University, and graduated the 26th class of Image Forum Institute of the Moving Image. She continues to create moving images and photographic works of “self-portraiture”. All of her works are self-created and self-performed.