Mahtab Rezayi / Student Film / Iran / Persian / 15:00 / 2022

8th March 2024 | 9.45 am | CD Deshmukh Auditorium

This documentary delves into the intricate narratives surrounding body image, shedding light on the diverse experiences of both men and women as they navigate insecurities about their appearance. Through poignant storytelling, it examines the pervasive influence of media in shaping societal ideals of beauty. “Pretty” meticulously traces the evolution of beauty standards in Iran from a century ago to the present day, exploring the myriad factors that have driven these shifts and their profound impact on individuals and culture.

Directors’ bio:

Mahtab Rezayi is an Iranian filmmaker, writer, and photographer born in May 1995. She has made several fiction and documentary films. Additionally she has also worked as a screenwriter in several movies. She was also the art manager and supervisor of the artistic and cinematic content production department at Puzzle Academy Art Institute.