Land Of My Dreams

Nausheen Khan / Documentary / India / English, Hindi / 73:23 / 2023

8th March 2024 | 3.15 pm | CD Deshmukh Auditorium | Filmmaker in attendance

Protests rage against the Indian Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), which persecutes Muslims. The director listens to the voices of the protesters and observes her own identity as a Muslim woman.

Directors’ bio:

Nausheen Khan is an independent filmmaker working on gender perspectives amid conflict and political unrest in contemporary times. Land of My Dreams is her first feature-length documentary film. It won Best Long Documentary at the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, the Citizens’ Prize at the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival (Japan), and the Carlota Political Film & Video Festival (Austria) in 2023. It is also selected for the London Human Rights Watch Film Festival, 2024.