Hommage | Omaju

Shin Su-won / Feature Fiction / South Korea / Korean / 107:00 / 2021

8th March 2024 | 6.45 pm | CD Deshmukh Auditorium

Ji-wan is a 49-year-old female film director. After her 3rd film was shunned by audiences, she has been struggling for her 4th film. However, it is also shunned by the investors. Moreover, she is in difficulties because her husband stops supporting her financially. Meanwhile, a request comes from the film archive asking her to restore an old film made in the 60s by newly dubbing it. Ji-wan accepts the request to earn money. After watching the film, she realizes it’s nearly impossible to proceed with the dubbing without the script. She tries to find the script, but after finding it, she notices some scenes were cut off and Ji-wan decides to find the film footage of missing scenes. On the journey back to the 60s, Ji-wan meets the old filmmakers who enable her to take a glance at the world and life through their eyes. Then she begins to ask herself questions. What is movie to her? And what is life?

Directors’ bio:

SHIN Su-won had begun working on her feature directorial debut since 2010. The self-produced independent film Passerby #3, released in 2010, was derived from her own experiences as a thirty-something woman trying break into the industry and become a filmmaker. Passerby #3 won the JJ-Star Award at the 11th Jeonju International Film Festival and the Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film award at the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival. Her next project was the short film Circle Line, which won her the Canal+ Prize for best short film at the 65th Cannes Critic’s Week Film Festival. Pluto, Shin’s sophomore feature, was a 2013 thriller that explores the competitive nature of the Korean education system. It premiered at the 17th Busan International Film Festival, and Shin received a special mention at the Generation 14plus Section of the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival. In 2015, her third feature Madonna was invited to screen in the Un Certain Regard section of the 68th Cannes Film Festival and her fourth feature Glass Garden premiered as opening film of 22nd Busan International film festival. In 2020, her fifth feature LIGHT FOR THE YOUTH was invited to screen in the Panorama section of the 24th Busan International Film Festival and won the audience award at the 18th Florence Korean Film Festival in 2020.