Grace : Tale of Learnsong | Lavanya- Gatha Ekalavyachi

Alisha Masurkar / Student Film / India / Marathi, Hindi, English / 20:00 / 2023

8th March 2024 | 3.15 pm | CD Deshmukh Auditorium

Deemed to be a vulgar performance artform, Lavani a folk dance form native to the state of Maharashtra in India is a household name. It has always been interpreted through the media misrepresentation and imposing outlook of anyone but the artists who perform it. And the artists have never been given the opportunity to have a strong enough voice to refute the falsified image of this age old matriarchal artform. Through conversations with Akanksha, ‘Grace- Tale of a learnsong’ tries to navigate the complexities of identity, gender, and tradition,to shed light on Mumbai’s Lavani artists’ quest for acceptance in their hometown.

Directors’ bio:

Mumbai native Alisha Masurkar is a Communication Designer who now delves into film studies. Storytelling guides her journey and her work mirrors her diverse upbringing, and core principle to ethical storytelling across mediums.