Coming to terms or, Making your Terms? | Kyaa hai ye Samjhauta

Hansa Thapliyal / Animation / India / Hindi / 09:03 / 2023

9th March 2024 | 3.15 pm | CD Deshmukh Auditorium

12 case workers who have been working on cases of domestic violence over years , travelling to remote corners of Bundelkhand, are creating a lexicon of words often used by women on the field. This film, commissioned by Nirantar, Delhi, looks at the word, Samjhauta: Do you make your terms? Do you come to terms? The film works with material of the everyday, scraps of cloth, needle thread and the timbre of human voices to explore these questions. The scraps of cloth animate the grain of the voices and tell a story of the many choices women make when faced with domestic violence.

Directors’ bio:

Hansa Thapliyal is trained in film making from FTII, Pune. She has worked, the past many ways, in working with everyday material of our lives to animate the screen and also make it feel more tactile. She works across forms of film, writing and doll making.