The Long Documentary Project is a unique collaborative model of filmmaking with IAWRT members from across the world, sponsored by IAWRT International, in which our members work in their individual capacities.  Our members have variously directed sections of these films as well as taken on the role of Executive Producer.

1. Velvet Revolution (Executive Producer: Nupur Basu)

A 57 minute Film, Velvet Revolution is the 2016-17 IAWRT long documentary project. In this exciting collaborative film six women directors take their lens up close to women making news in a world riven with conflict and dictatorial regimes. When journalists are constantly under threat, what drives these women to do their jobs? 

Velvet Revolution is a unique collaborative venture supported by IAWRT where the Executive Producer, Nupur Basu, worked with women directors from four countries who produced films in five countries. They are Illang Illang Quijano – Philippines; Deepika Sharma – India; Pochi Tamba Nsoh and Sidonie Pongmoni – Cameroon and Eva Brownstein – USA / Bangladesh.

2. Displacement & Resilience

(Executive Producer: Chandita Mukherjee)

The 2019 IAWRT documentary, ‘Displacement & Resilience: Women Iive for a new day’, is on the theme of the worldwide refugee crisis, the rising intolerance and polarisation all over the world and focuses on the resilience of displaced women.

Led by Executive Producer Chandita Mukherjee from IAWRT India, film makers from Philippines, Tunisia, Canada and India came forward with stories about women refugees forced to flee from their countries and take shelter in unknown lands and internally displaced women who remain in their own countries, but whose lives are dislocated.

The documentary film has already won one award at the 2nd Asian Short Film Festival, in Kolkata, India.

3. Reflecting Her

            (Executive Producer: Bina Paul)

‘Reflecting Her’ is an IAWRT produced documentary on reproductive health which was launched in September 2015. Bina Paul from India, as Executive Producer lead a team of four directors, Anna Pawlowska from Poland, Atieno Otieno from Kenya, Priya Goswami from India, and Sara Chitambo from South Africa. Reproductive health rights imply that people are able to have a responsible and satisfying sex life, the capacity to reproduce in safety, with the freedom to decide, if, when and how often to have children. This documentary tells four stories based on different aspects of those rights for women in four very different countries.